A Pakistani drama that has been praised for its continued exposure to women has been removed from the air


(Reuters) – A Pakistani drama that has been praised for its continued exposure to women has been removed from the air following complaints from authorities, a move by its creator to “run home” for misogynistic women.

The ten-episode series, which was launched in August and follows four women who founded a secret detective company to expose unfaithful men, has received praise for showing strong female characters in control.

It also portrays women as abusive, drinking and drug addicts, and to deal with issues that many in Pakistan have seen as legitimate, such as sexual abuse, marital rape, and homosexuality.

This week the series, dubbed “Churails”, or “Witches”, was removed from Zee5, a popular entertainment venue in Pakistan, without explanation.

India-based Zee5 did not respond to a request for comment.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority said it had contacted the forum after receiving complaints about the program.

“We can’t block (the content) alone, but we can write to the forum, which we have already done,” the official said but asked not to be identified.

Author and director Asim Abbasi said the decision to remove the drama was “unthinkable, but disappointing”.

“This is not just my loss. This is the loss of women and marginalized communities, ”she wrote on Twitter.

“And it’s the home of all the people who don’t want to talk to women and prove that they’re the only important voice.”

Actor Nimra Bucha, who plays the role of the killer in the play, said the actors were upset by the act.

“This is a job we are proud of. We stand on the issue we raised, and the way we spoke, ”he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“This is the story of Pakistan.”

Pakistani filmmaker Omair Alavi said Zee5 had taken a “big risk” in choosing “Churails” as the first in a series of Pakistani-directed dramas because the show was “miles away from what viewers are used to”.

Women’s rights are a controversial issue in Pakistan.

This year, Muslims beat protesters celebrating International Women’s Day with stones, shoes, and sticks.

The organizers said they were facing a crisis from a series of events in the country, namely 2018 Thomson Reuters

The Foundation poll was found to be the sixth most dangerous in the world for women.