Biden is only 6 electoral votes away in US Elections 2020, from White House

The situation is now quite clear for US elections 2020 and it is now showing, if Joe Biden has to capture white house so he is only 6 votes away. Which is not a big deal.

Joe Biden Winning

A day after Election, neither candidate cleared the 270 Electoral votes needed to eliminate its opponent. But Biden’s victories in the Great Lakes states gave him the score of 264, meaning he was one battleground state away from getting close to president-elect.

The situation is now quite clear and it is now showing, if Joe Biden has to capture white house so he is only 6 votes away.

Democratic party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden has won the battleground states of Wisconsin and Michigan on election’s day, according to the AP, reclaiming a key part of the “blue wall” that got slipped from Democrats four years ago and dramatically decreasing US President Donald Trump’s chances to reelection.

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It was still unclear when or how quickly a winner could be determined. Hundreds of thousands of votes were outstanding in Pennsylvania, while Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Alaska also remain to be called.


Biden carried Michigan and its 16 electoral votes. The flip from red to blue was a huge shock for Trump, whose victories in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in 2016 decided his way to the White House.


Biden gave lead to President Trump in Wisconsin, securing 10 electoral votes and reclaiming a key part of the blue wall that slipped away from Democrats four years ago.


Biden won Arizona’s 11 electoral votes, serving a huge lead to Trump’s chances for reelection. Arizona has backed a Democratic presidential candidate only once in the last 72 years.

What is further

Biden won Oregon, California and Washington, whilst President Donald Trump has won Idaho.

California, Oregon and Washington are all liberal states, while Idaho is conservative.

California has total of 55 electoral votes, the biggest haul of any state. It is also the home of Biden’s partner mate, Senator Kamala Harris. She served as San Francisco district attorney and the state’s attorney general before winning election to the Senate in 2016.