K2 Winter Summit: Is Legend Ali Sadpara no more with us?

K2 Winter Summit: Is Legend Ali Sadpara no more with us?
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The rescue operation to trace three climbers, counting Pakistan’s Muhammad Ali Sadpara has brought no fruit till the time, Sadpara and two who went misplaced while endeavoring to summit the second-highest mountain globally, K2, continued for the third day on Monday.

Sadpara, John Snorri citizen of Iceland and MP Mohr citizen of Chile have not been communicated since the team of three began their thrust for the peak K2 summit from camp 3 at midnight amid Thursday and Friday, conferring to their team. However, the son of Sadpara, Sajid Sadpara was also with them but returned back due to trouble without oxygen supply.

The three lost interaction with base camp late on Friday and were stated missing on Saturday after their sustenance team stopped getting hearsays from them during their climb of the 8,611-meter high K2 Mountain.

An endorsed of the expedition crew expressed media that rescue lineups were probing for the lost climbers by following the way they had occupied towards the summit over helicopters. The hunt will endure until all three are placed, he furthered. But the chances of rescuing them alive are now next to not.

K2 is the most projecting peak on the Pakistani side of the Himalayan range and the world’s second highest after Mount Everest. Winter winds on K2 can setback at more than 200 kmph and temperatures drop to -60 degrees Celsius.

A squad of 10 Nepalese mountaineers made history on Jan 16 by climbing the K2 for the first time in winter.

Is Muhammad Ali Sadpara no more with us?

The son of Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Sajid Sadpara have had already declared in his media statement with a heavy heart that the chances of rescuing them are next to none because it is nearly impossible to survive on extreme weather condition at the height of nearly 8600 meter with minus 60 degrees of temperature in winters.

“It will be better to conduct the rescue operation for the recovery of the dead bodies”, he added with a heavy heart.


A Photo of the legend Sadpara during summit.

Numerous specialists, comprising four native high altitude mountaineers, Fazal Ali and Jalal natives of Shimshal, Imtiaz Hussain and Akbar Ali from Skardu, Chhang Dawa Sherpa and other associates of the SST winter excursion team, are fragment of the rescue mission.

Another formal of the voyage said the rescue teams were frustrating to touch the mountaineers. The rescue teams have also witnessed the tent and other accessories of climbers on mountain but were not able to trace the three.

Two army helicopters hovered to their extreme limit of 7,800 metres for a second time and directed inflight investigation for 60 minutes to trace the lost hikers. The search team drew the Abruzzi and other courses but did not get any signs of the climbers, according to Chhang Dawa Sherpa.

The exploration started on Saturday with airborne inspection but the helicopters returned after deteriorating weather situations made the exploration firmer to last, according to Chhang Dawa Sherpa.

However, Sadpara’s son, Sajid Sadpara, who was also part of the trip, stretched the K2 base camp on Saturday sunset after waiting for the three mountaineers at site 3 for over 20 hours. Sajid was with the three till 10am on Friday up until the holdup, the most hazardous zone of the peak, and had reimbursed to camp 3 after fronting problems with his oxygen controller.

Let’s plead for their innocuous arrival home,” Karrar Haideri

“The base camp established no indications from Sadpara and his foreign mates after 8,000 meters. A pursuit is on and let’s plead for their innocuous arrival home,” Karrar Haideri, a topmost official with the Alpine Club of Pakistan, told The Associated Press.

On Saturday, choppers flew to a height of 7,000m to effort to trace the missing climbers with no accomplishment.

News of the missing climbers derives a day after a Bulgarian climber was confirmed to have deceased on K2.

At the time the three instigated their summit shot, 18 affiliates of one of the expedition crews decided to abandon their attempt and spent the night at camp 3, taking instead to incline on Friday morning.

Three mountaineers had achieved to summit K2

Earlier, it was testified that the three mountaineers had achieved to summit K2, prompting cheers from government officials, counting the Gilgit-Baltistan governor and chief minister. Though, no official account has been released in this respect and it is currently uncertain whether they succeeded to summit the peak on Friday or not.

Speaking to media, an official from the expedition lineup alleged the only confirmed update was that the climbers had traversed the bottleneck which directed many to accept that they had stretched the summit.

Pakistan will spare no exertion in the exploration for the missing mountaineers

The foreign ministry dispensed a declaration saying Iceland’s foreign minister, Gudlaugur Thór Thórdarson, communicated to Shah Mehmood Qureshi by phone. Qureshi guaranteed him that Pakistan will spare no exertion in the exploration for the missing mountaineers.

Haideri noted Sadpara’s skill as a climber who has mounted the world’s eight top mountains, including the utmost, Mount Everest, and was endeavoring to hike K2 in winter.