TIKTOK Banned in Pakistan for Immoral Content

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on Friday banned the video sharing app TikTok, citing “immoral and disrespectful” content.

According to a media ad, due to “complaints” and “status of content that is always included in TikTok”, the PTA has issued a “final notice” in the application.

TikTok has been given “plenty of time” to respond to and comply with instructions to measure “illegal online content”, the PTA said.

“However, the application has failed to fully comply with the directives, and, therefore, has issued guidelines for the closure of TikTok application in the country,” the statement said.

TikTok has been notified that the official is “open to engagement” and will reconsider its decision if it finds a “satisfactory program” used by the video sharing app to rate “illegal content”.

Moments after the news leaked, the app began to display a blank interface without text or image uploads.

TikTok responds
The company responded to the suspension shortly thereafter, saying it was “willing to follow the law” wherever the app was offered.

“We have been in constant contact with the PTA and continue to work with them. We hope to reach a conclusion that helps us continue to work for a strong and creative online community,” the statement said.

TikTok emphasized that the most important thing is to “keep the environment safe and sound within the system”.

“We have strong measures in place to help ensure a safe and acceptable forum for users, including simple ways to report content that violates our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, which are available in Urdu,” he added.

‘Final warning’
On July 20, the PTA announced it had issued a final warning to TikTok after receiving “numerous complaints … from various civil society groups about combating immorality, obscenity and slander on social media, especially Tik Tok and Bigo”.

Complaints, the governing body added, also included “serious consequences for applications to the general public and the youth in particular”.

‘Prime Minister wants TikTok banned’
Recently, on September 26, a report in The News quoted Information Minister Shibli Faraz as saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan was looking at applications on social media platforms such as TikTok that seriously damage public values ​​and should be banned.

Speaking to the press, Shibli Faraz said: “Prime Minister Imran is deeply concerned about the growing scandal and insults in the community and has instructed all relevant parties to stop the practice before finalizing the social and religious policies of Pakistani society”.

The Minister of Information said the Prime Minister had never discussed the matter with him once or twice but 15 or 16 times and wanted a comprehensive strategy to curb “terrorism” which is being spread to the public through traditional channels and social media and its applications.