No variation in petrol prices as PM Imran denies Ogra’s projected increase

No variation in petrol prices as PM Imran denies Ogra's projected increase
Photo: Dawn News

Prime Minister Imran Khan has denied a suggestion by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority for an increase in fuel prices, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill said on Sunday.

In a tweet, he posted a depiction of Ogra’s projected prices and said: “Ogra planned to increase the price of petroleum goods from about Rs6-7 per litre. Prime Minister Imran Khan refused this suggestion. There has been no upsurge in the prices of petroleum products. Despite the constant rise in the prices of petroleum products in the global marketplace, the prime minister did not permit it.” Conferring to the papers shared by Gill, the Ogra had made the following proposals:

  • Light diesel oil: Rs79.23 after an increase of Rs5.78
  • Petrol: Rs118.12 after an increase of Rs6.22
  • High speed diesel: Rs122.90 after an increase of Rs6.82
  • Kerosene: Rs86.56 after an increase of Rs 6.37

The prices would have been operative from March 1. For the subsequent 15 days, the prices of petroleum products will persist the same.

Ogra had projected an increase in prices earlier this month as well, but the prime minister had denied it. The pronouncement had come as a break from continuous price increases for the previous five consecutive fortnights. This was despite an increase in global oil prices over the last 15 days.

Over the last several months, the government has been modifiying with petroleum tariff rates instead of GST as levy remains in the federal fund while GST goes to the dividable pool taxes and thus about 57pc share is grasped by the provinces.