‘Hello! Pakistan’ hot 100 – 2020 ranks Zulfi Bukhari as top headliner

‘Hello! Pakistan’ magazine’s hot 100 - 2020 starts a new trend about Zulfi Bukhari on Twitter
Photo Credit: Hello! Pakistan Magazine

Hello! Pakistan magazine’s Edition of Dec 17, 2020 released the list of ‘Hot 100 – 2020’ personalities of Pakistan and ranked SAPM of prime minister for overseas Pakistanis Syed Zulfi Bukhari on the top of the list. The magazine states that, every year they release the list of top 100 hot personalities of Pakistan that influenced the media and made any headline.

“Every year “HELLO! Pakistan” honours people who have made an impact on the world. We look at people who made headlines and those who made waves. Those who forged their own trails and those who set the trends”, says ‘Hello! Pakistan Magazine’ 

The magazine had ranked the Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) for overseas Pakistanis Syed Zulfi Bukhari on the top of the list of Headliners.  

The List of Headliners

A Rare of combo of diligence and good looks

The magazine states about the Zulfi that “he is a rare of combo of diligence and good looks at work on the government sector”.

“During the Coronavirus he worked hard to make sure Pakistanis are retained on jobs in foreign lands, resulting in Pakistan witnessing least number of job-loss in the entire region”, the magazine says about Zulfi.

Investment Magnet for Pakistan

Hello! Pakistan has entitled Zulfi as the investment magnet for Pakistan. And presented the figure of investment that he gathered to Pakistan. Which is about 30 Million USD to Chitral and 35 Million USD to Islamabad as per the details mentioned in the magazine.

The magazine states that Zulfi knows how to market his products well. On the other hand, there is a new trend started on twitter on the name of #hellomagcover.

What people say about the list?

People have mixed point of view about the confessions of the magazine. Very interesting tweets are being posted from the users where they are saying that “congratulations, now tell us about your policy of Kashmir”.


Another tweet states that “The Zulfi Might be hot but he is a politician so his delivery matters not looks”.

People’s concern

As per the majority’s point of view on twitter, it seems that public has no welcoming attitude on it and they look a politician in terms of his performance not his looks only.

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