Ways to reduce smog in Pakistan

Smog in Lahore
Smog in Lahore

There are multiple ways to reduce smog in Pakistan and Improve Air Quality Index. Pakistan’s second biggest city and provincial capital Lahore has worse Air quality index. It is 118 which is indeed unhealthy and dangerously polluted. Source. Smog directly effects the air quality index of a country and there are many practically possible ways to reduce it.

How Pakistan can tackle this problem of smog and improve its air quality index?

First, we should make it clear, the problem of smog is not new. Modern world has already overcome it successfully. They only recognized the need of time and introduced efficient precautionary measures to tackle this monster of smog.

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This is not Lahore or New Delhi where everything is blur due to poor air quality and smog. It is America’s New York in 1966 when the city’s air became filled with damaging levels of several toxic pollutants and authorities issued air pollution emergency alert.

During the era of Richard Nixon, America overcame its air pollution and improved the air quality index. The set Some simple but long-term precautionary measures and named it “The Clear Air Act 1970”. which introduced these major steps.

What measure Pakistan can take to reduce smog

First of all, we should take it very seriously, that how dangerous this air pollution can be. Specially during this time when COVID-19 is emerging again and graphs is continuously going upward. Govt should follow at least America’s Clear Air Act 1970 and take precautionary measures according to it. The country where two stroke vehicles and diesel buses are still on roads with maximum smoke. Factories are working on outskirts of the hub cities like Lahore and Karachi where a large set of population is residing.

Make New Industrial Zones to reduce smog in Pakistan

Govt should consider making new industrial zones in the areas that are far away from urban areas. Industrial smoke and waste material should be managed properly. Govt can issue the SOP’s to factory owners.

Its time to adopt Advance Euro Standard to tackle with smog

Countries like Germany has now implemented Euro 6c Standard. To provide healthy air to its people. Pakistan should also consider upgrading its euro standard.

Has Govt Done Anything to tackle with smog?

Govt has proposed a documented based on steps to prevent the smog naming “Pakistan Clear Air Program“. It has two major steps. “Short term measures” and “long term measures”.

Short Term measures to reduce smog include,

  1. Establishment of Environmental Squads in major cities.
  2. Prevent excessive mixing of lubricant oils in fuel, the working mechanism of two stroke engines.
  3. Stop import of further two stroke vehicles.
  4. Restriction of conversion from gasoline engine to old diesel engines. Regular checking of fuel and lubricants being sold in market.

Long Term Measures to reduce smog include,

  1. Steps to improve energy efficiency in vehicles and industry.
  2. Introduction of clean fuel and promotion of alternate fuel in country.
  3. Review existing policies and legislations.
  4. The most appealing one, afforestation in deserts.
  5. Shoulders along roadside should be mettled.
  6. Proper disposal system of solid waste.


These all steps proposed by the government of Pakistan are nearly enough to control the smog and over all pollution in major cities. But this type of documentation is not new. Policy making is something different and implementation of it, is totally different. We hope, this time govt will make it done in real. Not only in documents. So that our air should become safer for us.

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