Nawaz Sharif did ‘high treason’ at behest of India: PM

Premier Imran Khan says intelligence groups have details about Nawaz’s connections with India.

Nawaz Sharif Committed High Treason

Premier Imran Khan says that Nawaz Sharif committed high treason and we have intelligence that he did it on behest of India

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) utmost leader Nawaz Sharif had committed ‘high treason’ by pointing state institutes at the “behest of India”.

“Nawaz has committed the ultimate treason by targeting military leadership which is equivalent to provoke revolt in the armed forces,” the premier said in an talk with a local TV network Thursday night.

“How all of a swift Nawaz who was brought into politics by military ruler General Ziaul Haq became defender of democracy and Indian media is rendering him as an idol,” he added.

When asked about the proof, PM Imran said intelligence agencies had intelligence about Nawaz’s ties with India. “We cannot sue Nawaz on the basis of intelligence reports because they are not acceptable as testimony in the courts.”

Talking about the ‘Karachi Incident’— the events surrounding the detention of opposition leader Capt (retd) Mohammad Safdar in Sindh’s provincial capital, the prime minister said it had benefited his opponent party – PML-N.

“If I were there I would have not taken suit against them because this would dominate their other crimes which are far more severe,” he added.

The Prime Minister also said, “If you put them behind bars over matters like these it will facilitate them [to obtain supports].”

The premier’s reaction comes two days after the Pakistan Army had proclaimed the confiscation of its officials engaged in intruding into the affairs of the Sindh police.

“The Court of Investigation has formed that on night 18 / 19 Oct officers from Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) and ISI sector Command Center Karachi were considerably confiscated with the fallout of violation of Mazar-e-Quaid,” the military’s media group said in an announcement. “They were under rising public stress to guarantee prompt action as per the law,” it added.

“Evaluating the response of police authorities to counter this emerging yet unpredictable condition to be deliberate and intending, in a rushed environment, the ISI/Rangers concerned officers chose to act, instead overzealously. They were undeniably skilled enough to have acted more carefully and could have prevented creating an unwarranted condition that led to misinterpretation between the two national institutions.”

On the opposition’s 11-party coalition the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), Premier was of the view that their only objective was to get relief in cases of dishonesty and corruption, by pressurizing his leadership.

“They all pocket pickers are intimidating to unseat my government to get an NRO for corruption charges but I will not negotiate on corruption cases even If my government is toppled,” he stressed.

The prime minister while refusing the accusation of political persecution on the excuse of corruption cases said: “We did not make a particular corruption charges against them excepting Telegraphic Transfer case against Shehbaz Sharif, all corruption cases were lodged during the tenure of opposition”

Giving an instance of 1MDB corruption outrage, he said that in the state like Malaysia it took their government departments practically two and a half years to punish the ex-prime minister Najib Razak over corruption allegations. “It will take time, but I can guarantee that I won’t forgive corrupt leaders and retrieve all plundered national wealth.”

In his inaugural remarks, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he was “fully gratified” with the performance of his government while confessing that his government could have performed well on economic front if it had not overdue the conclusion about availing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) economic support programme. “It created uncertainty and triggered loss to economy.”

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