Why isn’t everybody successful in life? success is our fear

Successful life
Successful life

Everybody wants to be successful. We wants to make a name for ourselves in this society but it doesn’t always happen. Some of us are successful and some of us are far behind in the race of life. Want to be successful, influential and famous. But it does not always happen, that everyone get succeed in life. Why it is said that our greatest fear is our success?. The reason behind it is simple but yet a little complex. We will try to make it clear for you.

Why not all people get succeed?

Why only a few of us get these victories? Today we will try to answer you why there are the reasons that prevent any human being from succeeding. Often we see that there are two brothers who were born in the same house and grew up together, they both had the same chance of success, yet one succeed in the race of life and the other was left behind.

When money, opportunity and circumstances were all the same, then what was the reason that the success of one and the failure of the other became its destiny? Let’s try to understand it with a quote. “lack of resources is not a problem, its lack of resourcefulness“. if you understand, what this little line means, many problems will be solved. This means that lack of resources is not a problem. If you are poor, you do not have money. It’s not that you can’t get started, it’s not a big problem, but the real problem is lack of resourcefulness. That is, not trying for the problems you are facing. The real problem is if you have the courage to prepare yourself. If you do and try to get out of difficulties you will surely succeed.

What about a man who has talent and is capable of succeeding by working hard

A man, who has talent and is capable of succeeding by working hard. He can make a place for himself in this society. Can’t he do anything even though he is capable of doing everything? You must have heard this line that you must dream because the problem with dreams is that they come true but then the question arises why some people’s dreams remain unfulfilled? The simple reason for this is that they do not even try, that is, they dream, but they do not work hard to get the interpretation of this dream. If you ever make a plan, you keep postponing it due to unknown fear. You keep postponing it. What is this unknown fear?

What is the biggest obstacle in our prosperity?

So friends, this reason is related to the psychology. Man’s inner fear is his own fear. This is the real reason that prevents his dream from coming true. What is the biggest obstacle to his thrive?. What is he afraid of? Man’s greatest agitation is his own success, The fear of greatness. Most people are afraid of the talent inside them. They try to run away from it. They don’t value their inner talents as much as they should.

Abraham Maslow’s theory Jonah Complex

The famous American psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed a theory called Jonah Complex. Jonah Complex is actually a condition when a person is more afraid of it than he wants to succeed. This dismay and distress foils any human being from making good. It do not allow him to work at his full potential. Friends, it is our own agitation that does not allow us to move forward.

How is this possible that a man is afraid of his own success?

Maybe it’s weird for you that a man is afraid of his own success. How is this possible? We try to explain to you the answer to this question. One of the reasons why man is afraid of his own prosperity is because. We are afraid of being alone. We are not afraid of being triumph. Understand that whenever a person lives for success. When he starts trying to win the race, he distant himself from the rest of the crowd. You have to walk to get a position. First of all, an individual knows his abilities, what kind of talent he has that he can show, then he works days and nights to hone his talent. It takes a lot of courage to do things that people often fail to do and are afraid of being left alone, and it takes a lot of courage to do it. So they live in the crowd.

Why people don’t flourish even getting close to the success?

Another simple example is that in the age of social media, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many social apps. There are many people who are also working in this field. Writing blogs like me. Everyone can do it but the twist in the story is that despite the opportunity many of you don’t do it. They can dream and the reason for not being able to do so is the fear of being alone. Obviously, when you try to do this, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and walk away from the rest of the crowd, but deep inside, you feel. I am afraid that if I do this, I will be lonely. What will people say? We have instilled in our minds the fear of some people that these people will talk. Pass wrong comments about me. If they do, I will feel bad. Just because of this, even though we are close to our success, we get away from it, and then the strings of time get out of our hands one day. In order to do so, millions of people are getting lost in the crowd and applauding someone else’s success. In fact, we follow the rules, norms and values ​​made by our society.

What is the fear of conformity?

We become so obsessed with society, that we lose our individuality behind it. This fear is called fear of conformity. Conformity is actually a kind of social influence in which a person belongs to a group, changes his beliefs and behavior to fit into society. He gives up his individuality and tries to be like ordinary people. Most people spend their whole lives in harmony with people or fighting their fears. I pass, sometimes I think, I dare, I want to try, but the next moment fear of conformity takes them back to the same comfort zone. Now you friends must have understood the point that most people dare to be alone or different. They can’t do it and they are afraid of it. They live all their lives by compromising. This is why many of you live like other people and don’t want to be unique.

If not you, then who else?

Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, often asked his students which of you would write the novel or who would become a great leader, he noted that in response to his question, his students started laughing or smiling or getting embarrassed, he would say, “If not you, then who else?” “If you deliberately try to do less than you are capable of, I warn you, you will be restless all your life, you will not be happy.”, Abraham Maslow said.


Is it possible for everyone to be successful?

Now you are wondering if this is possible that we achieve our desired position in life, be flourished and in return, not to be alone? So it may be possible but we have to work with balance. You have to overcome your fear. You have to have the courage to get out of the comfort zone in which you are and once you get out your difficulties will be easier. Your agitation will go away. It takes a little confidence. But the last thing to take in mind. It is the confidence which will lead you through the success. And there is a thin line between confident and getting over-confident. Consequently, over-confidence will again lead you to the loneliness. Because it will make you arrogant of your skills and success. So, you must avoid over-confidence.

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