The flood situation and Pakistan

The Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) prayed for his ummah, including the supplication that God should not punish the Muslim ummah, the ummah of the Prophet, whatever natural, economic, and economic conditions we are today. Be it social, personal, domestic or national problems, the results of our ignorance and stupidity are the same.

But unfortunately, there is a contradiction in our words and actions today. Mentally, we are still slaves of our habits. Even today, we use imitation instead of reason. Running away without knowing their destination or ours.

What is the destination? And this race is an endless race. I don’t know whether there will ever be any result or not. We are completely empty inside and mentally today. Most of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is suffering from a natural calamity called flood today. Are we really able to deceive each other or to say that those who are drowning (may Allah forgive them) are under the influence of sins. If this is the truth, then why are you and I safe? Alas. ! Unfortunately, if we are not able to help them practically today, remember that we are not even able to weigh the actions of others in the scales of accounting. If you stick to two, the results will not be different from it. Hard time comes to every individual and nation.

We always put the burden of our shortcomings on the shoulders of others in difficult times or in the hour of trial, just like today we put it on the political parties. It does not mean that the political leaders of the country are not walking on the right path. The protection of rights and duties always guarantees the best results at the level of equality. At the time of election, if voting is included in the national duties, then where are our rights that the nation will never pay for this vote.

It is a matter of concern at what stage we have reached. We are like the goods sinking in the flood rails. May Allah grant us wisdom and consciousness.