Reema Omer and Hassan Nisar’s fight on ‘report card’ starts a new debate

Reema Omer and Hassan Nisar’s fight on ‘report card’ starts a new debate
Geo New Program 'Report Card'

Geo News program ‘Report Card’: The program of Dec 28, 2020 where a debate between journalist Hassan Nisar and Lawyer Reema Omer lead to a fight. The apparent reason was the continuous interruption from Hassan Nisar in the turn of Reema Omer when she was talking.

Geo News tv conducts a program where they present a polling like environment in which difference experts give their opinion on different questions asked by the anchor person. Most of the times, the experts must choose one from yes or no.

Journalism is the fourth pillar of Pakistan which aims to create awareness in the society, to be the voice of the people while at the same time presenting the facts based on truth and truthfulness to all. From writing to talk shows, journalism has taken the form of talk shows and given birth to a mafia.

If we look at it from that time till now, most of the public opinion is that these talk shows are the cause of mischief instead of improvement.

Who is Reema Omer

Reema Omer is an advocate/Lawyer and Human Rights expert from Lahore Pakistan. She is currently working as a legal advisor for the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). She writes about the issues of human rights in Pakistan and gives her analysis in current affairs on different news channels and Television Programs.

Reem Omer on Twitter

Well known Television anchor and journalist Hassan Nisar is famous for his debating skills, talking style and presentation of arguments. He is famous for dominating his opponent over his voice and the grip on the topic.

And the fight started

The fight between Nisar and Reema started over the arguments on a question, “Whether the dirty politics of horse trading, rigging and corruption is only in Pakistan?”. Reema was presenting her arguments over the question.

Reema stood on a stance that it is not only in Pakistan, that horse trading, rigging and corruption was trending on Pakistani politics. It is reported on the countries like India as well. Where Nisar was angry over her arguments and started to interrupt her talk.

Reema in reply said, “Please let me complete my point you often interrupt my discussion and speaks very loud which is not ethical”.

Nisar got angry over it and said, “I am a deaf, that’s why I speak louder”. Reema on reply said, “You may be, but I am not”.

Apparently, it was not a topic where two persons need to become harsh. Reema was talking very politely and only presenting her arguments in her turn. And other person should wait for his turn.

Now a new debate on social media platforms like twitter is started over the clash of Reema and Nisar

The video clip of the program started making rounds on social media, sparking discourse on whether Nisar was rude to Reema.

Reema also tweeted about the matter, clamming that some video clips from program were edited and people were being misled by those.

It is common for the rulers to argue on talk shows on Pakistani TV channels, but what can be expected from the people and political activists when well-known analysts and columnists use literary rhetoric?

Renowned columnist Hassan Nisar, social activist Reema Omar, anchor person Muneeb Farooq, professor of politics Dr Rasool Bakhsh Raees were invited in the program of Geo Report Card of private TV channel Geo News on Monday evening.

While there was a debate on the resignation of Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s PDM leaders, during which columnist Hassan Nisar presented his views, social activist Reema Omar gave her answer.

On which Hassan Nisar got angry, spoke harshly and devoid of literature while also uttering sarcastic remarks on Reema Omar. The names of Hassan Nisar and Reema captured the trends of Twitter after the video clip of the program came to light.

After which the discussion on the TV channel had also garnered a series of comments on Twitter, where users took Hassan Nisar by surprise and raised their voices in support of Reema Omar.

Reema also said, Really appreciate the generous feedback for today’s report card!

Other personalities on twitter stood with the stance of Reema saying ‘Well-done!’

After looking on the clash between Nisar and Reema on program ‘report card’ on social media. General public has mixed point of view about the matter and seems a clear opposition of left wing and right wing.