Trump’s another ‘move’ to foil the wave of resignations

Trump’s another move to foil the ‘wave of resignations’
(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

According to a person accustomed with the entire scenario, President Trump’s statement guaranteeing an “orderly transition” was designed in part to prevent a wave of resignations from the West Wing and broader administration.

Robert O’Brien

The person, who was considered to be resigning on Wednesday, is now planning to stay in the administration. National security adviser Robert O’Brien has told advisors that he intends to remain in his post until Trump leaves office, though his plans could still change depending on how Trump approaches the day. He allegedly made his decision before Trump released the statement.

Wednesday’s mayhem of Capitol Hill started a humorous trend on social media where the American citizens are disturbed to witness the situation of the country.

Both Indians and Americans are lashing on their leadership on either sides. And making funny comparisons of Narendra Modi with Trump. People posting the memes about both of the leaders and showing the burning India on one side and burning white house on the other side.

This shows the importance of leadership and its role in the country. We should say thanks to the power of social media where people have opportunity to utter what they think.

In past years, leaderships of both (India and U.S) the countries have encountered the great controversies inside their own boundaries. Where Modi lets down his nation by saying “if we would have Rafales, the results would be completely different” and on the other side Trump speculates the drinking on hand sanitizer for the treatment of COVID-19.

People of America have mixed point of view about the on-going situation of U.S. But there seems a clear segregation between pro and anti-trump individuals.

Those who follow president Trump keeps chanting that the elections were rigged.  

A large number of officials have resigned from outgoing US President Donald Trump’s administration in the result of Wednesday’s ferocity that occurred at Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

Trump’s another move to foil the ‘wave of resignations’
(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Other officials are considering the options to hand in their resignations, following unprecedented scenes of pro-Trump supporters attacking the Capitol building as Congress instigated counting Electoral College votes to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Reactions on Social Media

People are super charged after witnessing the situation of Capitol. #CapitolHill is trending on top.

A persona has displayed a photo of snack holding the lock of the door and symbolized that this was the security of Capitol Hill.