The current situation of Pakistan and propaganda based on lies

The current situation in Pakistan and propaganda based on lies
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Pakistan is going through the worst and most sensitive period in its history. Sometimes it is to weaken the morale of the national security agencies by throwing mud on them, sometimes it is to promote sectarianism and provoke religious parties to create a civil war-like situation.

Who spreads hate propaganda?

And the dangerous thing is that anyone who spreads hate propaganda associates his propaganda with lies and nonsense in such a way that naive people, unaware of the real facts, take their false propaganda as reality and spread it on social media. By sharing further, they are understanding the truth and fulfilling their national duty, but they do not realize that such false statements or writings are a proxy war fought by the enemy to drown the country.

Unfortunate killings of Hazara Community

In recent days, while the brothers and sisters of our Hazara community have been protesting from time to time to ensure their safety by placing the bodies of their loved ones under the open sky, they were adamant that if the Prime Minister would not come to Quetta to mourn and show solidarity with them. They will not bury the dead. In view of the internal affairs of the agencies or the security concerns of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister assured them of his arrival in Quetta to bury the martyrs and assured them that inshallah their lives and property would be protected. General Qamar Bajwa on behalf of the Army also promised that a special force would be deployed soon to protect him.

Unfortunately, people of the Hazara community of any profession. They are our compatriots and brothers and sisters of color and race. How many times have they wounded their loved ones by sacrificing them to terrorism but in reality they are facing another tragedy after every tragedy. Their grief is really great grief and their basic right is to protest but our political losers are dancing like sympathizers to the media for their political scoring. In the forest, the fox’s hand is stuck in the donkey’s slip.

The current situation in Pakistan and propaganda based on lies
Photo Credit: DW

And when it was seen that the Hazara victims, unaware of the Prime Minister’s reluctance, did not agree to leave the sit-in, at the same time, the PDM, an alliance of dacoits, announced to close the country to show solidarity with them. I think that the Hazara community loves their homeland by forgetting their sorrows and griefs. The government saved time and the country from crisis. Let the victims of Hazara and all the people of the country know that these PDM thieves have once again mentioned their foreign masters, especially the eternal enemy like India, that India has carried out such acts of terrorism to destabilize Pakistan in Balochistan. Doing?

Answer: Absolutely not! Their agenda is to hollow out Pakistan’s roots together with the enemy. During his rule, the same community was targeted many times and hundreds of people were killed, but the active political pimps never mentioned India or Israel in their own language. It should not be called a political alliance but for them it is called “Pakistan Dacoit Movement”.

All these are power-hungry and wealth-hungry people who have been kept on foreign funding for 10 years

Please do not spread the statement of the enemies of Pakistan and strengthen it. All these are power-hungry and wealth-hungry people who have been kept on foreign funding for 10 years by the enemy countries with an agenda of dismembering Pakistan. It is clear from such false and baseless propaganda that it is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire of sectarianism. Awaken your consciousness and don’t become a puppet dancing to anyone’s tune.

Terrible wars of takfiriyyah in the country

These are the terrible wars of takfiriyyah in the country which are called proxy wars. Our forces are very dynamic and strong. Discipline and indiscriminateness is the army of the people of any sect and the guardian of the country’s borders which is second to none and there are people of all sects and religions. Imagine if the enemy succeeds in infiltrating the scourge of sectarianism in this institution which is not possible then there can be no strength and unity in them and the enemy countries especially India. Israel and the United States, which are trying to divide and destroy Pakistan, can easily succeed in fulfilling their nefarious agenda. But by the grace of Allah, I am convinced that the zealous protectors of Pakistan.

Those who irrigate the country’s borders with their precious blood

Based on martyrdom, those who irrigate the country’s borders with their precious blood, understanding the cunning and cunning of the enemy at every moment, are fighting the internal and external threats, defeating the enemies of the country and proving that there is no power in the world. Even so, it cannot succeed in creating a rift of hatred between them, nor can it reduce the lasting bond of love between the people and the forces of Pakistan. The Pakistan Democratic Movement, which is made up of robbers of all national treasuries, is openly trying its best to create a civil war situation in the country at the behest of its masters.

Some are risking the security of the country in the cycle of saving their fathers and some of them in the cycle of making billions of dollars taken for nefarious contracts.


It will be seen that in the time to come, these groups of political dacoits will be seen doing very bad and good deeds to destabilize Pakistan, but inshallah they will have to eat. The conscious people living in the homeland are watching and feeling the movements and residences of such filthy mafias very carefully and are seeing the politics of these so-called political thugs being buried very soon. Long live Pakistan!

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